Sunday, October 9, 2011

Transformers, Generators, and Filaments for an X-Ray Machine

Transformers are electromagnetic devices that allow a voltage of alternating current to be changed. The voltage may be increased or decreased.  Two common types of transformers which are of importance to X-ray generation are step-up and step-down. Transformers are comprised of two sets of windings (coiled conductors) that are electrically isolated from each other. One set of windings is connected to a power supply and is known as the primaries. The other set of windings is connected to a load (in this case the X-ray tube) and is referred to as the secondary windings

The principle operation of a transformer is based on induction. When you pass current through a conductor, a magnetic field is established in and around the conductor. This magnetic field can be used to induce a voltage and current flows in a conductive material that is placed close by.


  1. these pics really help you understand the brake down of the inner working of the x-ray tube and generator.

  2. i agree, i really think the pictures are clear and concise.good job tom.